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Track My Order

    Where Is My Order?

    You can track the current status of your order in our order tracking hub. There are 4 stages that an order goes through: Waiting For Campaign To End, In Production, In Fulfillment, Shipped.

    When Does My Order Ship?

    Once the timer on the campaign ends, your order starts the production process, from there it can take up to 5 days, before your item actually ships.

    Why Has The Campaign Timer Restarted?

    Two things could be happening... sometimes campaigns become popular last minute and sellers need to extend the campaign to collect last minute orders. They have a one-time ability to extend the campaign by a few days. Another possibility is that the campaign was relaunched so that it could start collecting new orders. Don't worry, if the campaign was relaunched, your order is already in production (we tell you if the campaign was relaunched in the order tracking hub).

    Can I Change My Shipping Address?

    Of course! As long as the campaign is still active, you can do so inside the order tracking hub, hover over the current shipping address section and you will see an edit link, click on it and modify the address.

    Can I Change The Size Of A Product I Ordered?

    Absolutely! As long as the campaign is still active, you can change the size from the order tracking hub. Once you log in, you will see the option of selecting the item that you want to change the size for.

    How Do I Add An Additional Product To My Order?

    As long as the campaign you ordered from is still running, you can add or remove products right from the order tracking hub (enter your order number above to reach it). If you run into any issues or need more help, feel free to email us at [email protected].

    Why Is There A Charge On My Credit Card?

    If you see a charge from, you purchased an item from one of our campaigns. We sell many different shirt designs so it's possible that you ordered one of our designs.

    I Did Not Make This Purchase!

    If you have not made a purchase on but are seeing a charge from us, please contact us first before contacting your bank. We'll work tirelessly to resolve the situation and refund any unauthorized charges that were made. Involving your bank, lengthens this process. Please email us the date the purchase was made, the amount of the purhcase, and the last 4 digits of our credit card so that we can resolve the issue and reverse any unauthorized charges.

    I Did Not Receive My Order Confirmation Email!

    A few things could've happened here. It's possible that the email was accidentally marked as spam by your ISP. Please double check your spam folder to make sure it's not hiding in there. Second thing, it's possible that you entered the incorrect email address during the checkout process (don't worry, happens all the time). If you still cannot get this resolved, please email us immediately and we'll get you taken care of: [email protected]